People’s Craft Training Center

People's Craft Training Center (PCTC) is a non-profit organization formed in the year 1991 and registered as a Trust (24/91). PCTC is working with the deprived people / people with disabilities / women and children and towards collective self-reliance and total development of people through community participation.

Every activity initiated by PCTC is in response to the felt need of the people in the community. While PCTC advocates self-reliance for people, it ensures that the strategy evolved for implementing the program includes a sustainability plan, quality and link between all the initiatives and is complimentary in nature.

PCTC's area of operation is one Developmental Block - Thurinchapuram - with a population of
124 000 (47 panchayats - 274 villages), in Tiruvannamalai District. It consists of three Primary health centers Viz: Thurinchapuram, Narthampoondi and Mangalam. There are 106 Integrated Child development Service (ICDS)Centers.

Latitude: 12.37019 (decimal degrees) Longitude: 79.09195 (decimal degrees)
Average rain fall in a year : 506 mm

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